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Plumeria flowers as inspiration for Kloff


March 07, 2018

Arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Bali is on every serious globetrotter’s must see list.  It is not by chance that this picturesque country was behind the inspiration that created the graphics for one of our summer collection prints.  

For us at Kloff, Bali is more than simply a holiday destination.  Once visited, this paradise will stay in the memory forever calling you back again and again to discover yet more of its hidden delights.  

We understand that whilst the demands of everyday life are met, for some people that special trip to Bali may have to be left for the future.  So until that time let us bring a little bit of Bali magic in to your life with our Plumeria flower print Kloff summer bag.  

It is these stunning and fragrant flowers that are a symbol of Bali’s beauty.  That is why we chose their enduring image for our prints.  What better way to evoke that tropical feeling than to have this exquisite bag on your shoulder this summer.