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Our story

My story is not a Cinderella story. It is a story about hard work, finding myself, and striving to live the life I want to live.

As a young woman I had dreams, but I struggled to know how to achieve them. My dead-end job was uninspiring and frustrating and I needed to find a voice to express myself. I began to find motivation through my active and healthy lifestyle.  Health and fitness has always been a passion of mine and, after becoming a mother and moving to the coast for some sunshine, the very first ideas for what would eventually become KLOFF began to form in my mind. The process of working hard to get my fitness back after having my baby showed me that inspiration really does come from perspiration and that I needed to apply that same positive mentality if I was serious about achieving my dreams. If I was going to make cheap humdrum products I did not want to do it.  So KLOFF was founded on the idea that through hard work and a little bit of sunshine I would make only the high quality sports and beach bags I had dreamed of making when I started— no compromises. I believe that each KLOFF bag tells this story. Put a KLOFF bag over your shoulder and you will see and feel that same inspiration and motivation I have to achieve the active healthy lifestyle I want. Maybe it will inspire you to follow your dreams? Create your own sunshine! Kloff.

 Angie and Ania