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Pineapple Summer Bag

 Whether you like to spend the holidays you so richly deserve on the sandy beaches of the Seychelles or on city weekend getaways, you always want to look stylish. Kloff bags provide that perfect balance of effortless chic and practicality you want when heading to the pool or perusing the shops and cafes about town.

Pineapple bag is inspired by juicy pineapple, blue sky, turquoise water and lush palm greenery in the Maldives, we at Kloff have created prints to celebrate the paradise we discovered with these beautiful and timeless designs.

It was with great care and attention to detail that we produced this stunning range of luxury summer totes. We have ensured that at every stage of the process the materials and finishing are of the highest quality guaranteeing an elegant and durable Kloff bag for all your personal items and summer essentials.

 Kloff Palm Tree bag is created from soft and thick cotton canvas and all inner seams are finished with 100% leather trimming. Featuring a capacious interior with additional zipped pocket and detachable zipped wallet.


Care Instruction:

Due to the delicate nature of the fabric, to ensure your Kloff beach bag stays in perfect condition, we advise that most pieces bought from our website are hand-washed with a very mild detergent, reshaped whilst wet & laid flat to dry, away from strong sunlight; take extra care with any embellishments or leather trims.


  • 100% thick and soft cotton canvas
  • internal one zipped pocket
  • 100% leather handles 
  • magnetic top fastening
  • internal leather trim




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